Singer-songwriter and fingerstyle guitarist
Jeff Cochell
The Music

The Music


 Abbey K. Davis, Muzik Reviews (Jan 04, 2011)

"There's something comforting about a musician as talented as Jeff Cochell. It's almost as if his obvious gift at playing the guitar makes listening to his debut album, Between the Lines, all the more pleasurable. His arrangements and finger picking are so intensely and almost perfectly displayed throughout each song that it's almost surreal."

Charlie Harrelson - Founder of EVOR, EVOR: Indie Reviews (Dec 20, 2010)

"Jeff is an amazing guitar player and songwriter. He sounds a little like Clapton when he gets mellow. Check out track 3 'Only if the Sun Don't Shine' if you don't believe me. If Jeff could find someone in Nashville to shop his music he could be a wealthy man one day. They are works of art that need to be heard."

Drew Blackwell, Skope Magazine (Feb 01, 2011)

"...this singer/songwriter/musician not only plays an impressive classical style guitar but he knows how to write a good piece of music as well. “Between the Lines” presents 10 amazing tracks that clearly prove Cochell has substance, solid musicianship & rock solid songwriting. Music reminds me of heartfelt Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, and even Gordon Lightfoot. Fans who like these artists will tumble over this release."

Rock N' Roll View (Dec 13, 2010)

"Cochell has a strong sense of his genre and style, the songs are authentic and heartfelt; which is the essence of folk music. The atmosphere of the production seems to suit the laid-back nature of the songs giving everything just enough reverberation without becoming overly drenched in melancholia."

Markus Druery, Indie Shark Magazine (Nov 15, 2010)

"Jeff Cochell is an amazing player and composer with fancy picking, amazing songs, and heartfelt music. Cochell touches some sensitive ground as he proves he's not afraid to share some intimate truths about his life experience. Jeff Cochell is a rare find these days and should be treated as such."

Bob Yunger, Reviewer Magazine (Jul 09, 2010)

"Between The Lines is ten tracks about love and there's a lot of sadness and melancholy in here. There's an honesty here that will strike the listener as boldness. This CD's strong suit is really Jeff's guitar playing. The acoustics meanderings are truly a thing of beauty. Track 9, "Somewhere," is a phenomenal piece that will inspire thoughts of clear babbling streams in a pristine mountain forest."

Wildy's World (Oct 29, 2010)

"Cochell has become a phenom with the six string; his art clearly apparent throughout his debut album, Between The Lines... 'Somewhere' stresses Cochell's strengths as a guitarist in a stirring instrumental piece you'll find yourself listening to again and again."

Cyrus Rhodes, Indie Music Digest (Mar 15, 2010)

"Cochell’s playing, writing, and conventional wisdom are impressive. He tells each tale with hope, passion and pure honesty. When this CD is over you will be dazzled by his guitar playing, touched by his vocal presence, and mesmerized by his wisdom."

The Mag (Nov 05, 2010)

"The album is a great, gentle and gifted record, it is a very musical offering that will appeal to the more discerning listener."

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Jeff is an accomplished fingerstyle guitarist and performs solo guitar for venues and private events.

  • About Jeff

    Jeff Cochell is an award-winning singer-songwriter and fingerstyle guitarist from Portland, Oregon.

  • Influences

    He was first influenced growing up listening to the songwriting of Bob Dylan and the guitar playing of Jimmy Page. Jeff then immersed himself in fingerstyle guitar after listening to players such as Leo Kottke and Lindsey Buckingham.

  • Personal Work

    He began writing songs about his own personal experiences and has completed his debut album; Between The Lines containing ten original songs.

  • Live Music

    Jeff plays frequently around the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area as well as up and down the West Coast. He also performs solo guitar for venues and private events.


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